LOTD 5.29

So, I have been wanting to try this new mesh body by NX-Nardcotix for awhile now. I had been holding out for the update to bento hands and while I was out today, I noticed it had been updated so I picked it up. The whole body was $L1750 which is not too bad at all. Add on that the $L99 for the Omega relay and you have a new body for less than 2K! The pluses, great muscle tone, worked perfect with my current custom shape. Bento hands, there is an option to fit your slink feet if you want. The bad, well other than being new and I haven’t seen any clothes made for this body yet, as I was off trying to snap a picture tonight, there was this shine on the body, not the hands or feet, but the arms, the torso and legs, and no matter what I did in the hud, I couldn’t get rid of it. I only saw it on ultra, and only with some lighting (Most of the ones I use regularly). Hopefully this is a simple fix and I will update you all if and when I get it figured out. So, without further delay, here I am naked…

(And this quickly, I figured it out. There were two places on the hud that had gloss, but I didn’t see the other section at first. I have fixed it now. I might suggest it not default with gloss on…)

Snapshot_136 final

What I’m wearing:
Body – NX-Nardcotix David Mesh Body
Head – [GA.EG] Damon Bento Mesh Head
Ears – AITUI – Ear System: Gen 4, Stretched Ears
Skin – [GA.EG] Hugo Body Skins
Hair – Stealthic – Haunting (Browns)
Junk – >> Aeros Cock Nemo << 5.0

Pose credit – an lar
Location credit – ~SenZ~


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